Shiela Dunn

077For the first few years I worked with glass, most of my items were made using the Tiffany Technique of stained glass construction. In the past few years my primary focus has turned to working with hot glass. Using a kiln allows me to combine colours and manipulate them into shapes that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. It also allows me to use fused and stained glass together for a totally new look.

My major commission to date has been the windows for St. Andrew’s on the Square in Kamloops. I was thrilled to get this commission and pleased with the results. The windows do exactly what I had planned – they add colour and life to the light coming into the space and soften the hard edged views of Seymour Street Working with glass feeds my soul.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of cutting glass, making it do things in defiance of its normal physical structure. I create my pieces as much for the process as for the product. Each one is as near perfect as I can make it.

In 2007 I became one of the founding members of the Kamloops Courthouse Gallery Artists’ Co-op. The inspiration I have gained from being affiliated with that talented group of people cannot be measured. A friend of mine says that I’m having way too much fun to call what I’m doing “working” with glass and that it should be called “playing” with glass.