Norma Fairbairn

I began serious work with clay 10 years ago and am still on the journey.  I have taken many classes with well-known potters and teachers and attended many workshops with ceramic artists like Mary Fox, Gail Woodhouse, Brenda Danbrooke, Michael Kline, and Jack Sures.  Their generous advice, knowledge and ideas all became wonderful influences on my present work, and I thank them.

Before all of this I had some interior design courses at the University before settling on the German and French languages for my Bachelor of Arts.  I have always been a creator, sewing garments since I was 10, then taking oil and watercolour painting classes and workshops as an adult.  I am also blessed with three great children and a supportive partner in life!

Pottery fascinates me in all its dimensions.  Is it the clay itself and what it is capable of becoming – not all clay is equal!  Is it the colour of the clay and the varied results with glazes?  What about all the forms one can imagine and then create? Maybe the carving and texturing that can be added or subtracted.  Maybe it is the colours that be painted?  Sure – colours with slips, underglazes, glazes, stains, over-glazes and prints!  Oh, and then the alternate firing techniques!  Salt, Raku, Wood, Gas and Electric.  The possibilities are endless and so I explore and learn more each day.