Pat Hall

008Completing a three year fine arts program, Pat worked mainly in portraiture and illustrating human interest stories for the French and English newspapers in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  Moving to BC in 1982, her focus became clay sculpture and pottery, taking courses and workshops in Kitimat and North Island College on Vancouver Island.  Pat continues to take workshops, to enjoy wheel work, hand-building and sculpture with  her style influenced by the people, the culture and the art of the many places she has lived from Newfoundland to British Columbia.  Still fascinated by faces young and old and the challenge to capture the spirit and the likeness in pastel and watercolour; she still does portraits, though only a few a year.  Pat’s work is also available at the Ploughman’s Lunch, Victoria Street, Mel’s Hair Salon, Tranquille Road, Kamloops and Armour Mountain Gallery, Barriere, BC.