Lance Weisser


One of the first American-Canadian dual nationals (1947), I left New York for Halifax in 1968 and asserted my Canadian citizenship, never to return.  The summer of 1965 was my first serious introduction to painting outside of public school, at The Manchester Art Center, Manchester, Vermont. After learning that I was most attracted to pursuing watercolour, my well-regarded artist/teacher advised that to do this meant staying with it my entire life, for it was the most difficult medium.

I have–and though in times of frustration I’ve toyed with trying other mediums, the lifelong pursuit of the challenges of watercolour continues to be more than fulfilling and humbling, with it the teacher and me forever the pupil.

I have a B.F.A. Degree in Theatre from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, an M.Div. Degree from Knox College, University of Toronto–was an actor for seven years in Toronto, and a Presbyterian Minister for ten years in Quebec and Victoria.  Kamloops is particularly attractive for any painter of landscapes, though my joy lies in painting miniatures of local birds.  My partner/spouse, Raul Weisser, is a Nurse and a local landscape photographer, with fellow members of the Kamloops Courthouse Gallery now my cherished Kamloops family.