Kelly Perry

As an artist/printmaker Kelly tries to find things that somewhat represent her life and how she feels about the way she sees things or the reality of issues. Art allows her to create the words and feelings she cannot say. She explores the land gathering rocks or simply going for her gypsy drives to catch the glimpse of the eagle as it soars over her head, it is a way for her to find peace.
Kelly returned to school after a life altering event, graduating with her BFA in 2005. Kelly has 4 incredible children and 10 wonderful grandchildren. From time to time they explore art or search for rocks and soils, which they create into paints or crayons. Kelly is always exploring new ways to create new ideas for her art.
Kelly has been in several Art/Printmaking group and solo Exhibitions in B.C. Ont. Sask. UK and USA. Kelly facilitates art workshops for adults with disabilities as well as Children at Risk with the school board. Kelly is one of the founding members of Arnica presently President/director of the Kamloops Printmakers Society, and created a Program ” Saturday Morning Art With Kelly C Perry happening at Old Kamloops Courthouse every Saturday. VIDA from San Francisco has picked up Kelly’s art for their clothing and décor line.