Donna Bowie

My Donna is mostly a hand built potter.She is most passionate about pit fire pottery, she’s been doing pottery for about 14 years with a 5 year hiatus.  she started with a Saturday hand building class at Kamloops arts and crafts club. She is a member of the Thompson Valley Potters  Guild. Nature inspires her, she loves the outdoors and allows her intuition to influence where her work will take her.  She lives in Kamloops with her husband and son ( who often help her when she has creative slumps).  She credits her success to her many fabulous teachers and the teachers before them! She is super grateful for her friends who have encouraged and supported her along the way.  She sells her work in many shops in the Kamloops area as well as galleries in the kootenays and 100 mile area. She looses all track of time while potting, making her own glazes and coming up with new ideas for building gifts for her friends and her large family .  Pottery has been a true gift in her life for all the connections she’s made and they just keep expanding and expanding.  She finds pottery and Art inspirational to her soul!!!