Alanna Westerman


My fascination for the arts began early when, as a toddler, I ate all of my sister’s finely crafted mud pies that she left to bake in the hot Kamloops sun. My interests and skills have improved since then.  I have journeyed through many adventures in creativity, from sewing “turn-of-the-century” costumes to flower arranging, macramé, tole painting and jewellery making. All these skills blend and enhance each other when I am creating.

Redux, according to Wikipedia, is an old word meaning brought back, used postpositively; in other words, recycled or upcycled. With my ingenious parents’ guidance I learned to make papier mache from egg cartons, pierced metal stars from tin cans and delicate orbs from butcher string & glue; turning trash into treasure, which has become my present choice of artistic outlet.
I find joy in creating something beautiful or fun out of the most mundane objects. The charm and serendipity of the lost, found and forgotten have a special place in my creations.