Artists’ Work

Jeanette Ardern

Jeanette Ardern, Abstract Artist Jeanette designed patterns for cross stitch for many years. About 20 years ago, she wondered if she could do the same thing with paint and paint brush….so Jeanette got a book out of the library, and became a decorative artist. After 6 years as a decorative artist, life got in the […]

Rhona Armes

Although no longer active in the gallery, Rhona is now a Member Emeritus.   I awakened on a February morning in 1966, knowing that I could learn how to paint and draw. It was an overwhelming feeling. My fourth baby in five years had been born the previous October and I knew that because I […]

June Benesh

  My husband and I spent thirty seven years in the outdoors owning and operating three remote wilderness resorts.  After retiring in 2010, I was able pursue some life long interests, pine needle basket making was one.  A friend gave me some basic instructions which sparked my desire to learn more. Much of what if […]

Shiela Dunn

For the first few years I worked with glass, most of my items were made using the Tiffany Technique of stained glass construction. In the past few years my primary focus has turned to working with hot glass. Using a kiln allows me to combine colours and manipulate them into shapes that wouldn’t be possible […]

Norma Fairbairn

I began serious work with clay 10 years ago and am still on the journey.  I have taken many classes with well-known potters and teachers and attended many workshops with ceramic artists like Mary Fox, Gail Woodhouse, Brenda Danbrooke, Michael Kline, and Jack Sures.  Their generous advice, knowledge and ideas all became wonderful influences on […]

Patricia Gregory

Patricia joined the Courthouse Gallery in 2011 and currently holds the position of secretary. She moved to Kamloops in 2006 and started taking workshops in acrylics, watercolour and plein air. Patty’s work in the gallery is mostly coloured pen and ink which is her favourite medium.       

Jane McMillan

Jane was born and raised in Kamloops. From an early age, she displayed a flair for sewing and needlework. Her grandmother taught her to knit and crotchet at age 5, and then by 11 , under the tutelage of her mother, she was sewing her own clothes. Since then, she has broadened her horizons to […]

Kelly Perry

As an artist/printmaker Kelly tries to find things that somewhat represent her life and how she feels about the way she sees things or the reality of issues. Art allows her to create the words and feelings she cannot say. She explores the land gathering rocks or simply going for her gypsy drives to catch […]

Dave Snider

  Dave is a photographer living in Kamloops, B.C., specializing in Scenery and Floral photography. Dave has lived in B.C. almost all of his life.  Born in Vancouver in 1948 re relocated to Prince George in 1972 and relocated to Kamloops in 1999.  Throughout that time Dave has had an ongoing love of the outdoors. […]

Annie Treger

Annie Treger is a handweaver based out of her home in Kamloops, BC.  A longtime member of the Thompson Valley Weavers’ Guild, she began weaving in 1978 after exploring a variety of fibre arts.  Annie enjoys the mix between art and technicality in weaving, and particularly enjoys experimenting with colours.      

Alanna Westerman

My fascination for the arts began early when, as a toddler, I ate all of my sister’s finely crafted mud pies that she left to bake in the hot Kamloops sun. My interests and skills have improved since then.  I have journeyed through many adventures in creativity, from sewing “turn-of-the-century” costumes to flower arranging, macramé, […]